Putin’s men get first shipment of Iran combat drones for use in Ukraine war? Russia responds

Russia has reportedly ‘received’ the first shipment of Iran-made combat drones. This is the first tranche of ‘hundreds of more drones expected to be sent by Iran’, according to The Washington Post. Russia has received two types of drones from Iran as per a Pentagon spokesperson. The ‘Mohajer-6’ and ‘Shahed’ series drones have been sent to Moscow amid Ukraine war. The report says that transport planes departed Iran on August 19 hauling at least two types of unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia’. The drones can be used to counter Ukraine’s electronic warfare in the battlefield. Watch this report to know more.

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15 Replies to “Putin’s men get first shipment of Iran combat drones for use in Ukraine war? Russia responds”

  1. What an embarrassment for Russia to stoop at the level of purchasing drones from a third world nation. Now we know why Russia failed in Ukraine.

  2. When this war is over Putin's Russia and Ukrane will be bankrupted. Such is the price Russians must pay for Putin's enormous miscalculation.

  3. Iran should send loads of these to Palestinians & Yeminis to counter terrorism & terrorists in the region that work with master terrorists , US, UK & others. Then the world will see how these big talking age old terrorists whimper & whine as they are now ….in Ukraine.

  4. Let's see fellow Indians getting orgazms on Iran supplying drones too Russia. Let's also see fellow Indians reaction when Putin abstain from voting against Chinese intrusion in Ladakh and Arunachal.

  5. This is why we are saying that ,lran is a terrorist nation, but America won,t listen. Any country that supports another, to invade a sovereign nation ,must be a terrorist nation. The good news is that, Russia and lean will nerve win, against Ukraine.

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