Quarantine Van Build: Part 9! Secret Compartment! – Off Grid Tiny Home! #shorts

Part 9! This is a preview of our van build, full build videos coming soon! Subscribe for more #vanlife builds and adventures!

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While we’re laying low from international travel this year, we’re converting our 2015 RAM Promaster 3500 159″ wheelbase van into a tiny home! We’re including a full size shower, sectional seating that turns into a full size bed while being able to be fully off grid with solar power. Follow along for the journey!

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26 Replies to “Quarantine Van Build: Part 9! Secret Compartment! – Off Grid Tiny Home! #shorts”

  1. I wanted to know the way yall have the seats made with the cushions can you put a safety belt like three safety belts on each side

  2. Wow great job on the van guy's. If you get a chance to stop in North Carolina send me text

  3. Welcome to mobile living. You are going to have an experience of a lifetime. Ash Meadows national park in the Nevada/California states is a good place to go but only during the winter months. Happy trails.

  4. You could message Eamon and Bec and ask them where you should go. They have spent the last 3 or so years in a custom built van.

  5. I know it’s tempting but it’s not a good idea to show your hidden storage area. You definitely should have a safe for those passports & other vital paperwork & NEVER reveal that. Too many good ppl have been burglarized after being followed on IG & YT. Pls be careful & stay safe but definitely HAVE A BLAST!!

  6. The Grand Canyon is a must-see! It's so much more in person! Actually, all of the National And State Parks are made parks for a reason!! Each one has something unique and wonderful. Stop at as many as possible.
    And when you get to the West, drive the Oregon Coast. You should start North on highway 1 at the Redwoods in California and drive into Oregon from there. The Oregon Coast is a treasure. Then keep going to visit the Olympic Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Then head to Seattle and set a plan to explore the Cascade Mountain Range, both the West and East sides. Then keep going East to Glacier National Park in Montana. The mountains there are dynamic. You could visit Yellowstone on the way to see Colorado next.
    I hope you give yourselves months to travel and explore each State to the fullest. It truly is America the beautiful.
    My husband and I have been living in an RV off and on since 2008. We have seen so many amazing sights.
    Safe travels And have fun!

  7. Stop at Estes park colorado. They have a hotel which the movie “ the shining “ was filmed but it’s haunted but the city is beautiful. During elk season they have a lot of heards of elk roaming the city

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