Quick Pickle Almost Any Vegetable With 2 Ingredients

Chris Morocco shares his go-to technique for pickling almost any vegetable, quick and easy.

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8 Replies to “Quick Pickle Almost Any Vegetable With 2 Ingredients”

  1. Having seasoned vinegar? And callin it a 2 ingredient pickling is kinda redundant if I can just buy an all in one pickling brine. It’s one ingredient.
    ???? but I do it the real way. Hot brine, all separate ingredients and mason jar.

  2. I usually use white vinegar and salt, but the rice vinegar would have a nice flavor. Thanks Chris.

  3. He's right, it's super easy to pickle red onions and they are extremely good on sandwiches, eggs, rice, almost anything.
    Try different combo's of vinegar too: white, red wine, etc

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