Quick Tips For Keeping Your Kitchen Neat + Organised [Minimalism Series] // Rachel Aust

The kitchen is a super difficult area to own nothing in, so I’ll show you how I do the best with what I have to own and keep it all organised 🙂

Minimalism 30 Day Challenge – http://bit.ly/1OxKvdt
Organise Your Desk – http://bit.ly/1FAS5f4
Digital Decluttering – http://bit.ly/1MfTdg2
Cull and Organise Your Makeup – http://bit.ly/1UKOC4w
Cull Your Wardrobe – http://bit.ly/1K1kajV
Keep Your Kitchen Neat – https://youtu.be/O0_LZ3OZ7cI

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Should Have Known Better (Sufjan Stevens)
Sidewalk (Jason Shaw) // cc by 4.0

11 Replies to “Quick Tips For Keeping Your Kitchen Neat + Organised [Minimalism Series] // Rachel Aust”

  1. May 24, 2020 be well be safe take some time for pleasure each day. This is my day 17 of 60 challenge. Today I continued (almost through the first pass!) culling "memories" trying to get them down to two lovely boxes designed by Kate Spade. Thank you for all your videos, Rachel, during these strange days of stay at home in Los Angeles.

  2. Switch your food from plastic to glass , in the pantry. Plastic is tacky and bad for food storing.

  3. Looks great from outside. However, I would call her an “aesthetic minimalist”. I know everyone imagines mininalism his own way, but looking at how many things put in all cupboards and containers in the kitchen… I’d guess that she could have been a hoarder before adopting minimalism ;).
    If she moves, it will be quite something 😉

  4. My only criticism is the fish needs hiding places (plants or decor) and the music clips you add are very loud. I will have the volume at a level appropriate for your voice and the music just blasts i have to turn it down to where hearing your voice is hard because i cant stand the music blasts

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