Rainy Day Plant Shopping & Arborvitae Replacement! ???????????? // Garden Answer

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Rainy Day Plant Shopping & Arborvitae Replacement! ????????????

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23 Replies to “Rainy Day Plant Shopping & Arborvitae Replacement! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. Would you dormant spray the new trees or wait until next year after they're established in the ground?

  2. love winter green,…wonder if can use pine cast for a mulch to acidify soil
    Cute selections, always like saving ideas including white nectarines. Reminds me of a fruit salad of those you can get at a local cafeteria. Been learning about desert sage, you may want to research culture of smudging, to see how much care goes into plant use…and connecting with its cleansing properties especially after small wildfires.

  3. could the shorter arborvitae be a sport or mislabeled tree? could they have been super pot bound? I know this guy who is a expert in magnolia trees was saying if your tree is not growing in size it could be the roots are growing into itself, which might be right I have a little gem and it was in a pot for like four years before I Planted it and it is not growing in size, it is healthyin all respects and even flowers twice a summer but it stil is 6 feet, I dont know if there are evergreen magnolias that are truly dwarfed? or could it be just that is your trees are sports, not growing like you would think. a dwarf gene got through? I hope these ones will do well if they dont it might be the soil. anyway I was wondering all t hose plants by the new trees you got are they part of a future project or are they duds, they died or did not do well?

  4. Dang my back hurt just watching you???? you’re amazing , thanks for taking us along, Laura in beast mode while I’m in my tub soaking with a strong cup of coffee anticipating cleaning my greenhouse ????❤️

  5. Laura you need to stop lifting those big pots get the men to do it, because when you get my age 67 you will not be able to hardly do any thing just looking out for you. ❤

  6. Oh how I wish I lived closer! Even if I was 2 or 3 hrs away, it would be so worth it!

  7. ???????? Rain drizzle this morning here in ohio as well. I love how Aaron has such love for ???? ???? ???? ????my opinion they make the garden, it gives life in every way. It houses wildlife and you need wildlife to have that secret fairy tale garden!!

  8. Laura and Aaron great show! Learn a lot from you guys. Always informative and inspiring! 🙂 I do have an off the wall question: Laura, what year and model is your charcoal grey truck? Love the interior!

  9. Very enjoyable to watch! Thanks for sharing. Due to the cold icy wind here in southern Wisconsin my gardening is limited to the indoors. However it is exciting to have all the green seedlings under the grow lights!

  10. What's that they say, you keep doing the same thing over and over again. that's. Poor Aron! Lol lol ???? , called insanity!!

  11. so many pretty options!! wow… i love those blue spruces; what color! fun day, but i just wanna give a shoutout to Mr. Garden Answer himself, Aaron… he has literally grown just like your garden – he's always been so supportive and helpful in projects, but now to see him choosing plants and then getting out there diggin' and plantin' and biotonin' and gettin' dirty… yeah, he's in the club now! time for another Laura/Aaron potting challenge? maybe this summer?? ???????? ????❤thanks for the video!! ????❤

  12. What a great video! Love the North Poles Aaron!!
    Love everything you bought Laura! I’m on the hunt for some Crabapple!

  13. Just thinking about your North Pole Arborvitae that seem to die. Is there lime in your rock driveway?
    If so, is this an area that may cause the plant to receive more lime at the root than the others? Consider a soil test.

  14. I vote for doing all 4, too. Those two little ones look sad, like they’re in the wrong spot and miss their friends. ???? I hope they thrive in their new location.

  15. I'm really missing my old stomping grounds because that area was filled with nice plants and garden centers, no litter… Now I live in Ohio and I am very disappointed at my surrounding area. Had no choice though. ????

    Edit: the other day I had my window open and a Robin perched on the sill and looked through my plants for any bugs. I was too afraid to move, but it didn't seem bothered when I tilted my head to watch it. It got no free meal, sadly, but did the plants no harm.

    I should have started to sing like a Disney princess. ????????️

  16. WOW! The energy and strength you have Laura is incredible! To save your back a little next time back the truck up to the greenhouse, I cannot have you hurt yourself ❤❤❤❤

  17. I had trouble with 2 arms died from menards got replacement died went to someone else both are doing great in same spot 5 years old now

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