Random Giveaways and Broken Furniture


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26 Replies to “Random Giveaways and Broken Furniture”

  1. Recently found you guys vlog channel & I’ve spent the last 2 weeks watching all the videos! Love you girls! I love your personalities so down to earth! ❤️

  2. Hey Hey! I know this is an older vlog (i watch y’all over and over lol) but i have a Sony a5000 and my lens also broke. When you bought yours, where did you purchase it?

  3. I am Shirley Temple curls but I need to restart my growth again. You'll guys are help me to think of hair treatment.

  4. Love you ladies so much and you both are so amazing and so motivating Thank you 😊💝

  5. I like that you guys share your blessings with others….keep doing great things…😍😘

  6. i just love these videos. i feel like i have so much to say all the time and i don't wanna sound crazy so i sometimes end up just not saying anything. Ever since h.s i been a sneaker head and a handbag junkie and then closer to 11th and 12th grade is when i started ODing on the makeup collecting as well lol. Feels like i know u 2

  7. Lol I just love when you guys curse for some reason lol I die out laughing every time 😂😂

  8. I'm so happy you guys decide to give back to your supporters. I feel like a lot of youtubers forget that their subscribers got them to where they are. Anyway, love you guys and please don't stop the vlogs!! from, a silent supporter😂❤️

  9. You girls are just soo sweet! I hardly ever comment, but I always make sure to smash that like button lol.

  10. Kelsey's mini tantrum at the end was so freaking funny. I know that feeling when nothing seems to go right that day, like Ughhhhh. Also before I stopped using snapchat I saw that you all were doing personal giveaways. I think that's a good idea because I feel like people who aren't supporters of someone aren't gonna just say thank you, they sub you to win then peace out. I think in general it's bad manners just say thank you, send a note an email… snail mail something. Anyhoo the mirrored side table being broken, ugh. But it was cute though. I like the mirror look. Great video. Thanks Kelsey and Kendra

  11. I get what they're saying because I would never really comment but if you've been a supporter for years like I have then sometimes you do wanna comment and be apart of the community. But not all the time so I do get it.🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. if i heard from you all i think i would pass out. you inspire me so much thank you i watch all your vids lol

  13. That's a great way to do the giveaways! So true so many people follow just for free products and that's sad. I've been following you ladies for years now. Thanks for the videos!

  14. Omg your friend’s baby is so cute! ☺️Love the giveaway idea and that’s lame that some winners don’t say thank you cause you guys don’t have to give stuff away at all to us. Like you have your own friends and family members who would appreciate gifts too so that’s rude to not say thank you.

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