Rapid Fire Reviews: Weird Bicycle Products!

Today we’ll take a quick first glance at some very weird mountain bike and bicycling products. These are by no means thorough reviews, as the main purpose is for entertainment. The other purpose is to show you everything about a product so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth looking into.

Lithium Ion Bike Pump
Upon further reflection, I might use this

Fillmore Valves
Premium clog-resistant tubeless Valve Core

Rescue Straps
This is marketed as a way to carry a broken bike, but it would be better for hiking very long impassable routes

Emergency Bleed Kit
Self Enclosed bleed funnel you can take with you

Extra Light Grips

Riley Ramps
Portable Bike Ramps of various styles

Passchier Bamboo Handlebars
I wildly misread the price on these, but they’re still worth it in my opinion

Delta Stwap Gear Strap
Interesting Gear Strap

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27 Replies to “Rapid Fire Reviews: Weird Bicycle Products!”

  1. The bamboo handlebars are NOT $100 (they're over $200), that was a miscalculated currency conversion on my part, but they're still worth it in my opinion. On the bike carrying strap, I think the biggest problem is the marketing. There are, in fact, reasons to carry a bike, but to call it a rescue strap and base it on a story about a guy with a broken bike makes no sense. I also forgot to mention that bleed funnel is only for Shimano or Sram, and I needed to use an adapter for my TRP brakes. I hope they make more variations because it's cool!

  2. Is anyone using wooden bike seats? Too much plastic and carbon fibre stuff out there.

  3. Seth can i send you some custom parts to see if i should machine them out of metal they 3d printed for testing

  4. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. It's the way she goes. Keep it up Seth!

  5. I tested the neutron funnel… Got sent a prototype and it lives in my riding kit since then… Im usually well prepared before each ride or race… But I always have that friend who's telling me on the carpark before the race "bro can you check my brakes? They feel odd" ???? that's when I use the funnel the most. I'm pretty happy with it.

  6. Love the weird products reviews. They are fun to watch and see new stuff.

  7. When you were talking about the small Colorado mountain town it was like you knew I was watching????

  8. Hi Seth, my buddy Dirk makes the bamboo bars here in Christchurch NZ. Happy to hook you up if you are interested in the back story.

  9. I can see people using the bike carrier if they are hiking to free ride. Stuff like rampage. But that's a niche market.

  10. The bike backpack strap could be good for hiking up to some freeride spots

  11. Dude i our country theres literaly a bamboo bike industry that can make ypu customized bamboo bike frames

  12. I can see the bike shoulder straps being more of a rocky mountains/Colorado thing where you're out for a day in remote AF terrain.

  13. 220$ for these little ramps? I use Rhinogear car ramps for stuff like this and you can get them for 50 bucks and also use them to service your car.

  14. Here in Arizona, we love our ESI grips! They’re similar to the AMS ones, but they’re definitely used more amongst a lot of riders and racers here. Very comfy! ????????

  15. Would love to see a video of things you reviewed that you wanted to hate but ended up lovimg

  16. Riad tires are lower volume, but much higher pressure, requiring more effort and reducing battery life. I doubt that pump would work an6 better than on a MTB tire

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