18 Replies to “Ratatouille (From The Movie)”

  1. I’m 18, turning 19 at the end of my high school senior year. My junior year was the absolute worst time of my life. My grandmother passed away 1 week before school, chose hard classes I thought I could do but couldn’t keep up with and failed the 1st quarter. With that stacked with grief, stress, not being able to see friends, my mental health spiraled down. To the point where I was having suicidal thoughts which scared me because I wouldn’t want to put more grief on my family and friends. I was going through so much and I didn’t want to open up. I completely shut down.

    But I had a revelation and God saved me from my demons. I started going back to church, reading the Bible, researching more about Jesus. And that saved me more than any doctors or therapy.

    My major right now is digital art, graphic design, illustration. I’m planning on taking community college for 2 years then transfer to another school. With my growing faith I started to have a new perspective on myself and other people. I don’t hate people, or at least I’m trying to “hate” people that I know. But I can’t deny that there is evil out in the world because of people. It made me value human life even more. No one in this world deserves to be hurt or killed unjustly. Everyone has value to their life because we are all here for a reason.
    I want to become a stronger and kinder person for my family, friends, and even strangers that I might meet in the future. I want to help others with the resources I can be given.

    Right now I’m just enjoying the life I’m living, because I never when I go. Could be tomorrow, next week, a year or 50 years from now. I’ve learned to be humble and let the god that I believe is Jesus Christ, to help me down the road of life. For anyone reading this (including Uncle E), I want you to know that you are loved, you have value, and Christ loves you (it’s ok if you don’t believe, we all have free will and opinions). Hope you have a great day, week, month, year, and overall life.

  2. I'm genuinely interested in the cooking of the meal and all these imbeciles are just laughing at a d!ck joke like they're 12

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