Rating More Graveyard Slime's Scoopability!

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21 Replies to “Rating More Graveyard Slime's Scoopability!”

  1. For the second one it gives me dragon fruit vibes you can maybe turn it into a nice dragonfruit slime with a dragonfruit smell

  2. I kind of like the root beer float slime but the name doesn't suit it and from the second camera angle you put it looked kind of like peanut butter so why don't you just add like some charms and like glitter and stuff into it and then you can change the color up a little bit to make it more peanut butter like and you can either add purple slime and make it peanut butter and jelly or pb&j for short or you can add different stuff and make it peanut butter crunch

  3. Omg you should make a dragon fruit slime for next week restock ????

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