Realme X2 Pro Water Test Waterproof | Unboxing

Is the Realme X2 Pro waterproof? We have done a water test review on the new Realme x2 pro, and the result was amazingly good. We have done the test for more than 15 minutes, and the phone has survived. Realme hasn’t released any IP certification for the mobile phone. But we can confirm the phone can stay under the water ( at least 10 minutes with water )
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26 Replies to “Realme X2 Pro Water Test Waterproof | Unboxing”

  1. From your experiment, would you conclude that it's water resistance is equivalent to an IP68 rated phone?

  2. RealmeX2 pro lena kaisa hai 2021 me 35000 me koi Accha Phone batao Aap Headphone Jeck or 90hz display Ho jisme 😜

  3. What about many ours later ?
    My beloved xiaomi 5s plus (RIP) still worked 3 hours after having fall in water and suddenly the screen turned to black 😢

  4. Who is the person whose phone has broken down due to water, especially if he is using the Realme X2 Pro mobile ???

  5. I'm seeing it after 9 months….Did it really used after some days?

  6. لم يتم الاعلان رسميا عن اي معادل لمقاومة الماء

  7. Sir please please tell me that realme X2 pro is truly waterproof???

    And can I try it ….in water???

    Please please tell me truly answer…..🙏🙏🙏

  8. It is over 3 months and the phone is functioning well after the water test, There is not a single issue with the phone. Seems waterproofing level is good for non-IP certified phone. Great phone to have but please be careful with water. One of the best phones in the year 2019.

  9. please make a video on samsung galaxy s10 lie water test…
    please please please

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