Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Part 5

Its time to get this Aventador all clean after its collision out in California!!! We got to tearing it down and we found tons of dirt caked up all over this thing. After hours of attacking it we finally have this car looking way better and now it’ll be much easier to work on. Also we did our first preliminary test drive and it was epic. Thanks For Watching!!!



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29 Replies to “Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Part 5”

  1. if you guys ever come to Miami Fl, please pay a visit to Prestige Imports as stated on your shirt.

  2. You need to do a video with Westen Champlin He's tits and has tits!

  3. Wonder if that was on water or drainage ditch? Never seen that much diry in a wrecked car

  4. I love how you guys are not afraid to power wash that engine bay with all those computer parts.❤????????

  5. You should put an inflatable flailing arm man over the exhaust and call it good.

  6. What model pressure washer do you have? I am in the market for a new one.

  7. you guys should get the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 its fast as hell

  8. guys, I love your videos! Good to see Tennessee Boys getting after it! I have git to tell you, I got the Bacon Rub. I put it on everything. However, I put it on the bread of a grilled cheese sandwich. ITS LIFE CHANGING!!

  9. Lifts all over in the shop, cant use them because functioning cars are on them. Help me understand!

  10. This build is so enjoyable. I can wait to see each new video drop. Love ya work guys

  11. Just watched tav clean his P1 with dry ice blasting. That would be perfect for the SV

  12. Can only start watching you guys when the porche and lambo Urus is done

  13. “We’re going to do everything the right way, all OEM parts, nothing off of eBay.” – Simeon
    Next episode: 5 boxes from eBay!

    What a way to throw money down the toilet and not make this car OEM.

  14. Get that exhaust professionally inspected and repaired. Definitely not past redemption.

  15. THOUGHT, get a decibel meter or an app……make it a regular thing to measure the sound at certain areas like the center of the drivers/passenger seat, 4' behind the rear valence and say 20' away. Do it for old and at warm idle. Share the numbers for various cars..

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