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  1. Thanks so much for this. I won't have to rely on an OLD pc laptop that had an input. I'll update this to see how I've made out.

  2. I tried this with my 2019 model running Montery. Could not find the dropdown box. I think Apple skimped on this model because the only ports are the new USBC.

  3. Dang…I figured this out on my own years ago & luckily got some tapes digitized from my 2011 MacBook Pro. Now wanting to do this again in 2021 but have a 2015 iMac and cannot switch audio port to SOund Input. Grrrrrrrrrr. Damn kids programming our computers these days. They don't have any tapes, so why should they care. Let me tell you why: VINTAGE! People. Everyone likes vintage stuff.

  4. I found the sound input on my MacBook Air 11 inch. Now I need recommendation for best headphones for recording NOT ear plugs or wireless. REAL headphones. Please your recommendation is appreciated thank you so much.

  5. its true for my MBP mid2012 even when it was OS updated. the Mic in Feature was gone after MacOS 10.10 for me. im not sure about the 15-inch model but as it got a separate mic input i may get that as an old machine next. i did notice when capturing video from an any iPhone with OBS or other screen capture software the sound input for an iPhone is not recorded by the MBP mid 2012.

    I'm unsure if this issue that apple made is on any mac with an actual Mic in port.
    i do believe also apple is trying to make people get newer Macs by taking this vital feature away and it's fully unfair and did not have to happen. they should of had a lawsuit happen. they making peeps get newer macs way before they fully let go of the MBP mid2012 it is prob a software kext or efi edit they did to damage this option.

  6. how to record system audio with headphone plugged in ? does this work for mac ?

    because once headphone plugged in, it stops records system sound. that is my curreent issue . do you know the solution ?

  7. MacBook Pro though great does not have some features. However, recently I discovered that my $1 Android mobile earphones (which come with the usual 3.5mm TRRS jack) works simultaneously for recording voice and for listening (in real-time or playback) without having to alter any settings. I have recorded and edited many songs on GarageBand on my 15' MacBook Pro this way! I also chucked the mic into the acoustic guitar and it recorded very well. Try it out!

  8. This has been driving me nuts!&@*. My machine is a 2017-13" MBP. I kept looking for the option, and it just doesn't exist on my Mac. Guess I'm gonna have to drop a hundred and buy an interface to USB.

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