REMOTE CONTROLLING my Husband to Decorate a CAKE!

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Idea inspired by the SORTED foodie channel you guys will love!!

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Everything you might be doing wrong with your buttercream answered!! Thank you all SO MUCH for telling me your biggest buttercream challenges so I could make this guide tailored for YOU!

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24 Replies to “REMOTE CONTROLLING my Husband to Decorate a CAKE!”

  1. I know we've been gone for a while… and we've been SO SCARED that after so long without posting on YouTube people won't see this! MASH ALL THE BUTTONS PLEASE!! Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe! HELP tell the algorithm that you want to see more content like this! ❤️????

  2. It would be interesting to do this in a Try Guy's "Phone it in" style where you can't see each other!

  3. I've missed your videos! So glad you are both in a much better place to be posting again. Much love! ❤

  4. Remote control cake decorating also known as how to end a marriage in 30 minutes.
    This man has the patience of a saint and this should be statues erected in his name.

  5. I want this video, but with you not being able to see what he's doing. He can only follow your instructions and you can't see if he's following properly.

  6. I’ve missed your videos ❤️ I don’t think I comment much (ever?) here but I want to do my part to help boost the return ❤️

  7. Glad to see you guys are back, hopefully all is well and you had a good break from YouTube ❤

  8. Good to see you back. I've missed you. Love the whole concept. Kevin did a great job.

  9. This made my day to come home and watch this and see you posting again I love you guys so so so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????

  10. Omg I missed you guys ???? this was a hilarious idea hahah loved it Kevin was on fire ????

  11. Kevin is so good at decorating cakes now! He did such a great job bringing your ideas to life, Laurie! SO GLAD you guys are back, missed your videos! <3

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