Removing Wallpaper the Right and Fastest Way Part 4

The 4th of 5 short videos shows the do-it-yourselfers how to remove wallpaper using the best and time tested methods by an experience painter and wallpaperer.

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  1. Best method! You obviously are professional and saw all sorts of walls. I used your method and it worked perfectly. Cloth is brilliant to make the wall ready for painting! Thank you. I almost had fun😀

  2. Thank you great information I always use the Tiger Tail before but after watching your videos I'm going to try out your way thank you

  3. this was great when I was young my mom took wall paper off with a special steamer and it made a real mess I happy too see there is a better way

  4. Thankyou very much for the great tips–I will use all of your suggestions

  5. Explained so thoroughly and very informative I feel like anyone would be able to watch these and be able to do this as well. Thanks great vids!

  6. thanks for the great videos! just bought a house with tons of wallpaper!! cant wait to use your method! looks way better than alot of others that I've seen.. so I thank you so much!

  7. Thanks ur super awesome in giving  DIY lessons!  I feel really confident about removing my own wallpaper now 😀

  8. Bill, thank you so much for your advice.  I appreciate that you shared your experience on why to do things a certain way.  I have a project I need to start and finish tomorrow for the painters to come the next day and I think with your videos I can actually do it!  Thanks for taking the time to make these videos!

  9. you are the man. You helped me so much with all of the little details

  10. Great details and tips. I am wallpapering for the first time, and your series has made the process simple. Thank you for walking me through this!

  11. You are a great teacher!! You explain and demonstrate!! I'm starting on my bathroom tomorrow. Thanks so much!!

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