Hey Gang!
We’ve got some waiting to do for this Lumber. To tell you the truth, there are two pretty big obstacles we have to get over in order to even GET the lumber to the job site. So instead of waiting weeks and weeks, we decided to stay busy and head to island of Kauai to help Rad’s dad (86) with his dysfunctional and unsafe bathroom. We love doing little bathroom remodels like this because it makes such a huge difference in the home and in the homeowners day to day life!
This will be a 3 part series and you’re not going to want to miss how this thing turns out! Lots of people with limited space out there, and this series we take full advantage of the space.
We’re as eager to get framing as you are! But strap in for a fun remodel in the middle of the pacific ocean. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see ya in the next one! to support the boys!


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19 Replies to “RENOVATING a TINY BATHROOM in HAWAII! (Curbless Shower Build)”

  1. if you want to bring a tool that you can bring on a plane. Mail it to the home your going to demo then it will be waiting there for you and then mail it back when your done.

  2. I'm sorry I was totally freaking out the whole entire time with no shoes on with all that activity going on ???? it also felt like this video was moving along really fast and those tools oh my days! This is going to be awesome!

  3. great video guys. A+ Jordan gets an F for not having that lumber ready lol.

  4. Damn, 37:23 long and it flew by seemed like a 10:00 video. Really looking forward to see the rest of the washroom take shape… as you were tighening up the ledge wall under the shower head I noticed the timeline and thought rats gotta wait for a part two, don't keep us waiting too long guys, great work as usual. ????

  5. why is Hawaii so far behind in work ing woth power tools on a Sunday…

  6. Got to visit Hawaii in '86 and '88. Kauai was our favorite island……

  7. This is like the Ironman 1 of studpack. No good tools, scrap material, no PPE! Love it! Not going to lie, it's been nice to see Paul back in his element.

  8. That shower is going to need a stud backing now because you guys had to put that shelving. That’s a lot done in one day though. Good job

  9. Lucky dogs…Mahalo from the mainland. Can’t wait to see the next stage in Texas. Safe travels SP!

  10. I could tell Paul was back in his element with standard renovation duties instead of foundation headaches. Loved it!

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