Rich, Broke and Giga Rich Mom / 10 LOL OMG DIYs

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Mummy Family / 30 LOL OMG DIYs:
Parents are not chosen. Some were born into rich families and others into poor ones. From this, love for mom does not become less. Let’s see what moms would look like if they were dolls.

#Rich #Broke #DIY #Hacks #Crafts

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• scissors
• utility knife
• paint brushes
• regular and glittery foam paper
• wire
• wire cutters
• athletic fabric
• plastic containers
• glitter
• half-beads and beads
• clear straw
• decorations
• printed images
• accessory chains
• rhinestones
• artificial fur
• empty eye shadow palette
• wooden skewers
• toothpicks
• sparkly cardboard
• artificial flowers and greenery
• small rope
• designer paper
• twine
• wooden beads
• tree bark
• flashlight
• spray paint
• face sponge
• beads on a cord
• gold lacy box
• wooden skewers
• kitchen sponge
• decorative stones
• two pairs of wheels from a toy car

Tobu – Joy
Tobu – La Belle
Tobu – Melomania
Tobu – Monologue
Tobu – Candyland pt. II

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