RIDGID Tools LSA Experience! #shorts #tools #ridgid #ridgidtools #ridgidpowertools #milwalkee

Ridgid LSA experience.

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15 Replies to “RIDGID Tools LSA Experience! #shorts #tools #ridgid #ridgidtools #ridgidpowertools #milwalkee”

  1. I've been getting Ridgid for many years, too…for the same LSA reason. They wouldn't honor a repair on a 6 mo old recip saw – the heavy duty one – and replaced it with the little one hander. This is nearly useless to me…….I needed the HD model and bought Makita.

  2. If you dropped it and it breaks, they should replace it ,because it’s not durable enough to last a lifetime.

  3. Add up all the headache and time…buy a pro level makita next time, unless your not in business to make money and like more stressors in your life.

  4. Blaming you for something you didn't do? Who do they think they are….ford motor company??????????????????

  5. Customer service is not what it once was! And those agreements allow them to do whatever it's hidden in the fine print and legal jargon! You can fight back by telling your viewers and having them never buy rigid tools!

  6. I think Rigid should still have to replace or repair it per the lifetime service agreement, because they don't have proof of what they claim and you told them what happened and so as your viewers of your videos, I will not buy rigid and you can no longer recommend their tools ,so all your viewers should not buy rigid! Let us know if they replace it, if not then THEY will lose business

  7. weird, have had my milwaukee 1/4 impact and drill for 8 years now. drill is still like new doesn’t see to much action by my impact. can’t kill that thing. screwed off a couple of pole barns, dropped it off a few to. screwed off a couple of decks, fished it into a baseboard heater and welded a nice mark on the top of it on some wires one time. it literally gets used every day me being a rough carpenter. Same batteries, same chargers, no issues also use the m18 batteries to juice up sons power wheel car lol been doing that for a year. Still seem to hold a full charge after 8 years i’ll never buy no piece of crap rigid. honestly probably won’t buy milwaukee’s newer fuel line either looks like junk.

  8. I don’t care how it broke, it’s broken! Lifetime warranty means fix it or replace it with no questions asked!

  9. They also said the light looked like fell of a ladder, they denied claim until they couldn’t find it ????

  10. Buy Milwaukee. I’ve been working construction for 50 years and every contractor I’ve worked for that was worth a crap supplied us with Milwaukee tools. Never had one fail, either.

  11. I buy dewalt because they are the only ones making power tools in America and my tool truck guy handles my warranty issues

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