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Artist: Óscar Fernández

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21 Replies to “Ronin – Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation”

  1. Like the way you did the clean up on the edges of the Tiger using a brush made from the original hair or maybe a standard bush. Nice.

  2. Makes a good modern human personification for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (due to its high Asian population.)

  3. Привет. Здорово получилось, научи. Hello, well done, teach me )

  4. great pic except od the shadows which kinda dont fit to the light which is coming from the wrong direction

  5. I feel that my interest in wanting to learn how to use Photoshop has become more serious!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INSPIRATION!!! I also wanna draw something like this now maybe. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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