20 Replies to “Roomba error # 2 repair”

  1. Thank you very much.
    I think it helped, at least my Roomba didn’t stop in 2 minutes after starting. I don’t know was it your method or because I wiped with the alcohol all sensor and especially the metal circle that was just under the brushes but my Roomba is working after few months of hard fighting with this problem.
    But I have a question, that gears supposed to be so greasy? When I opened it , it was so clean inside, no hair or dust, all gears was perfectly white (I haven’t used my vacuum often) but there was so much of grease. I guess it was put in there to make gears run smoothly, right?

  2. Ah…. like magic.
    Thanks fie the video. Never would gave thought to go that deep. Feels like a film of lubricant used…. did anyone bother regressing these gears???

  3. Thxxxxx so much, you just saved a life. I was about to throw my roomba out of the window… 😉

  4. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I thought for sure my bot was dead. I had replaced the brushes, taken it apart and cleaned everything I could find. I never would have thought to pull that piece apart and clean the gears.

  5. My gears are as clean as a hounds tooth. I re-lubed them, and it still gives error 2. I think Roomba is a piece of junk. Neato I had before worked for years with no problems. I got this one about 6 months ago.

  6. Brilliant! Hours of disassembly and cleaning didn't work, but your "clean the gears method" was spot on. He's happily cleaning downstairs as I write!

  7. I get the same error code. Did exactly what you did open the case and looked at the gears and they were perfectly clean and still look brand new actually no dirt inside at all even though I’ve had the roomba for 3 to 4 years and use it all the time. Changed out the brushes and I still get the error code after the roomba runs for about a minute or two. I do hear that popping noise and I figured what that Poppy noise it’s the motor rotating back-and-forth about half an inch or so. I’m totally stumped.

  8. Took apart both my Roombas thanks to this tutorial. Thank you for giving me the confidence to fix them myself!

  9. Thank you so much for such good and simple instruction. I was able to fix my Roomba, thanks to you! My Roomba has been with me for 12 years and I have never known we could clean it this way. Without your video, I would have to buy a new one. You saved me money! Thank you.

  10. Thanks! roomba was about to go to trash, now it has another year of life:-)

  11. We almost gave up on our Roomba 551 then found your video. We didn’t know about the gear box which had been filling with dog hair for several years. It’s amazing it worked for so long. Thank you for posting this video!

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