Run Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

From reduced risk of death to lower risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s, there are so many terrific things a regular running routine has in store for you! Let’s begin, shall we?

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Intro – 0:00
Higher Longevity – 00:38
Strengthens Your Lungs – 01:58
Improves Your Mental Health – 03:02
Improves Blood Pressure – 04:08
Builds Your Legs – 04:47
Lowers Your Risk of Disease – 06:03
Improves Sleep – 07:09
You Lose Weight – 07:40


1. Higher Longevity
Bottom line, if you run every day, you may live longer than those who don’t. If we want to get factual, people who run on the regular have a 27% lower risk of death. According to more research, runners tend to live an additional three years compared to people who skip out.

2. Strengthens Your Lungs
Now long-distance running may not be a great first choice for natural asthmatics. But if you’re looking to build up tolerance in your lungs, running is the ideal workout.

3. Improves Your Mental Health
Not only will your lungs become stronger. You will also gain strength mentally. Running every day will make you much happier. It’s mental health benefits are well documented.

4. Improves Blood Pressure
Struggling with your blood pressure. One of the more notable benefits of running every day is that you will maintain a decent level of blood pressure.

5. Builds Your Legs
Have people been pointing at your calves saying they’re way too skinny? It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? Well, good news for you! This exercise can give you an amazing pair of runner’s legs. But you first need to remember some rules.

6. Lowers Your Risk Of Disease
Running everyday will reduce your chances of developing certain illnesses. Remember earlier when we mentioned that it can lower your risk of heart attack or stroke? Well there’s so much more it can protect you from, including cancer.

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10 Replies to “Run Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body”

  1. My friend ran 25 kilometers a day, every day . he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 50.

  2. I love running it’s my number one passion I ran since middle school and I run to this day and I will run even in my 100s my goal is to drop from 193 pounds to 159 pounds weight loss goal is 34 pounds. I got this.

  3. I ran 3k yesterday and then another 4K today.. but I think it was more like a jog but I feel good

  4. I don’t think running a marathon is healthy, there’s no way, I’ve ran one and I’ve taken pharmaceuticals that almost killed me and I can say that moderate running will increase dopamine well atleast for me and reverse sexual side effects

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