Sadhguru On Kashmiri Pandit Genocide

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Sadhguru speaks at the Global Kashmiri Pandit Conclave 2023, and looks at the history of Kashmir, and how the community of Kashmiri Pandits can move forward in future.

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18 Replies to “Sadhguru On Kashmiri Pandit Genocide”

  1. Naman to you Sadhguru?. I love calling our country as Bharat or Hindustan. This is right time to re-name our country as Bharat.

  2. I think all the spiritual gurus, Artist, sports people and business leaders should come forward to bring change

  3. "All of this has been forgotten, because somebody has stolen the narrative", I don't remember the last time when I heard such deep and clear thoughts!!!

  4. His words and Humbleness was touching..
    I live far Long from Kashmir.. But this video united me with Kashmir from With in..
    Knowledge and Clarity is very important..

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