12 Replies to “Sadhguru's Go-to Breakfast For an Active Day!”

  1. Soaked groundnut and single banana. ?
    Without eating any food it sustainable to active everyday.

  2. it works only for few days. after you will notice health issues. that's why he said there was a period of my life. so he discontinued it after sometime. why?

  3. ❤ Thank you Sadhguru ❤ ????????
    ??Love ❤️you love you Sadhguru ??

  4. I did something similar for a point in my life, where i would have a banana, a bread and some coffee and that could last me an entire active day. When I was young i used to suffer really badly from low blood sugar and get sick easily. At this point in my life I no longer have that problem and just some simple foods is plenty for me to feel great during my day.

  5. Does he mean, PEANUTS? They r not actually nuts, they’re LE-
    GUMES. Don’t know if that makes any differ- ence.

  6. This body is not intended to be digesting food all day.
    Once i learned how this body uses food through digestion and store/release of energy it was clear why eating only once a day is best.
    This body is not a conveyor belt of processed food to energy to be expended.
    Yesterday feeds the actions and thoughts of today.

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