Safety shoe function test .0266G.#safetyshoes #workshoes#shorts #guyisashoes#work boots

Professional safety shoes to do the test, do not imitate! Anti-smashing and anti-piercing safety shoes with steel toe GUYISA safety shoes with steel toe
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22 Replies to “Safety shoe function test .0266G.#safetyshoes #workshoes#shorts #guyisashoes#work boots”

  1. Y did he just set it on the 3rd shoe and not
    Push like the other shoes? Lol ????

  2. En el tercero y en el último no hacéis nada de fuerza, como engañais a la gente, sois unos mentirosos.

  3. He did not even point straight at the third shoe but instead vertically

  4. Каждый день ли ты притрагиваешься к горячему фолоимитатору? Обувью

  5. Che minchiata si vede tale e quale che su quella scarpa non hai usato la potenza e il calore

  6. ¿Quién necesita esos zapatos? ¿Quién camina sobre hierro incandescentes o sobre lava? Gratuidad de producto.

  7. Thank goodness, now I’m safe from big red hot metal rods getting impaled through my foot

  8. G are always having something hidden behind…lol ???????????? the angle of the rod

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