Salted Malted Cookie Dough Ice Cream As Made By Tyler Malek

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Salt & Straw

28 Replies to “Salted Malted Cookie Dough Ice Cream As Made By Tyler Malek”

  1. What malt powder do you use? There’s malted milk powder, diastolic malt powder and non diastolic malt powder

  2. Great recipe! Need to try this with a gelato base. Can golden syrup be subbed in place of corn syrup? I would think so but like to ask. Thanks for sharing

  3. Another great recioe thankyou. Im surprised youre allowed to divulge their secrets!

  4. Tyler: I’ve fallen in love with making it

    Me: I’ve fallen in love with you making it. ????

  5. Oh sure! As if that would last anyone a month. It would be finished in less than two weeks, at least for me it would. Damn that looks so good.

  6. "Without the xantham gum, homemade ice cream only lasts about 2-3 days"DOES IT NEED TO LAST ANY LONGER?!

  7. i went to salt in straw in oregon!! its literally the best ice cream there was a line outside the door

  8. Oooh! Looks good! (From Thumbnail)

    Nah" this is too much work (watching videos

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