Saudi Arabian Street Food Shawarma | street food around hyderabad

Saudi Arabian Street Food Shawarma | street food around hyderabad

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  1. This shawarma looks good. But why cut even finer after slicing the meat? I'd rather eat a bit overcooked coarse shawarma meat than all those finely chopped pieces of meat. But it's everyone's own custom.

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  4. Yes exactly the way we normally buy from Saudi al balad or souk sawarik the country with an hospitality. But we hope to go for Umrah inshaAllah.

  5. cok agir vede pis hijyen 0 altinda ve birde onla bu araplar doymaz😀😀

  6. This is not probably in saudi😕🙄, just observed his powerful necklace that has a lot of energy ✌️😂

  7. Kek di indonesia,, tat tit tat tit tat tiitttttttt Tiiiitttttt….


  8. Superb… Amazing… Wonderful…

    Really Like It ❤❤❤

  9. You guys are lucky in the way your shawarma is prepared in your country. In the Philippines, shawarma meat is cut into smallest pieces as possible. If they can make it smaller than ground meat, they will do it. In preparation, they will put a lot of vegetables into small pita bread then "SPRINKLE" a very little bit exceptionally smaller than ground meat from top to bottom but will put a bit more on top and almost none as it goes down then pour sauce so it will have like a shawarma flavor pita bread then roll it like a cone so it will look like they put a lot when you look at the top. Some sellers are even offering buy one take one pita bread with shawarma flavor with very few "SPRINKLED" shawarma meat. It is also possible to buy an all meat shawarma. The same process, the shawarma seller will "SPRINKLE" a very little bit more meat then form it like a cone. 🤣.
    However, If I am going to rank them, I think shawarma in the Middle East and doner in Turkey are the best. A lot of meat is poured over pita bread while I think, the Philippine shawarma is also the best in terms of shawarma flavor like coned shape pita bread in the world. 👌

  10. Turkısh Döner (Çevirme) Arabic version (Shavarma) In Arabic, there is no "ç".character..Kebab is a Persian word..The Ottoman diplomatic language was Persian..There are many words in Persian..Don't claim our food.

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