Secret Orchid Care Tips from a Master Orchid Grower

We head back to the @SanDiegoBotanicGarden to check out their INSANE orchid collection. Long time Epic Gardening friend John Clements drops some deep orchid care wisdom on you in today’s tour.


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28 Replies to “Secret Orchid Care Tips from a Master Orchid Grower”

  1. Kevin look for Tolumnia orchids!!! Small with great bloom shows!

  2. never have i been so glad you guys film in 4k, thank you all. now excuse me as i dont eat for a month due to plant expenses… again

  3. I love how he mentions he goes to Trader Joe’s weekly for the plants. I do the same thing and fruits etc. Orchids have been intimidating for me. Yay for the 35 club!

  4. Why do they keep mentioning Trader Joe's ??
    Very odd. Is Trader Joe's known for selling plants?
    Only one in my city that I've seen, but never been.

  5. Thank you for persisting on care information. If you get more info on how to care for the "easy" ones, I'd definitely watch that video.

  6. My grandmother grew beautiful orchids. That woman could grow anything! She definitely had a green thumb! ????????????

  7. What an awesome guy! I love how knowledgeable, yet approachable he is about his passion.

    Kevin I think you should start your epic orchid journey with growing some vanilla!

  8. They put together such a beautiful exhibition! More orchid content, please, if you do get into them. There are so many you can easily grow outdoors in your climate.

  9. I inherited 2orchids a year ago and they simultaneously look like they are dying and thriving. I have no idea what is happening. They will probably outlive me.

  10. Every time you visit the SDBG I’m locked in like I’m hypnotized! I was hoping there might be a little vanilla orchid talk, but I’m still so enamored but this video!

  11. I listened but couldn't watch. I have horrible memories of a particular orchid hobbyist from my childhood and therefore orchids. The fragrance will make me ill. But he's dead now. Anyway, it was very interesting to listen to.

  12. Such amazing and it look like a paradise.thanks for an enjoyable video

  13. LOL. John was such an entrepreneurial kid. Loved orchids!!! I bought my first one for my birthday earlier this year. Next year I plan on attending the NYBG Orchid show. They are so beautiful and awesome.

  14. Thanks for this excellent look at orchids! I love them but have always felt they were so exotic that they were way outside my abilities as a gardener. I've always contented myself with marvelling at the show of Lady's Slippers that bloom in the wild areas of our rural property. John did a great job on this and he even pronounced "coir" the way I do in my part of the world Epic video as always!

  15. Awesome video! I would love to see you interview Mr. Tillandsia at Rainforest Flora !! ????❤️

  16. I do not mean to rag you because I think you do a great job and I watch your shows all the time, but you cut off your friend when he was telling you a very classic Darwin prediction when he saw that orchid your friend was showing you. He predicted that the only way that orchid could be fertilized was to have an insect or whatever with a proboscis long enough to reach to the bottom. Many years after Darwin's death they finally found a moth or whatever that had this huge proboscis.

  17. I am an accidental and successful cymbidium orchid grower in southern California, much to my dismay. I have five, 5 gallon pots of cymbidiums that grow hundreds of flowers on each plant, each year. The length of sun exposure is key, watering is key, fertilizing on schedule is key. I would urge you to experiment with orchids. They are much easier to grow than you might think!

  18. what's the difference between a sepal and petal?

    See… these are the petals here.

    oh. ok.

  19. More orchid videos!! I was given an orchid about 10 years ago. I give it 4 ice cubes every Sunday. It still blooms every year and the orchids last for months. I am afraid to do anything to it for fear I will kill it. Any tips for care, feeding, replanting will be great!

  20. This was very enjoyable and I never knew so much about orchids! When he was talking about the terrestrial orchids, it reminded me of an awesome experience I had. Once I was working in the garden and I found a really cool plant. It had tiny flowers spiraling down a maybe 2 inch spike. I looked it up on the internet and found out it's an orchid native to the US called ladies' tresses. I was afraid I'd kill it it I dug it up so it's still in a random spot in my backyard. ????

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