Secrets of Tie Dye: The Black Hole (Part II)

Mistakes happen (sometimes often) but tie dye’s forgiving, there’s always a fix.

I use Procion MX dyes that I get from Dharma Trading Co.

11 Replies to “Secrets of Tie Dye: The Black Hole (Part II)”

  1. Hey Crispy, how many Dye Powders do you have them from Dharma Trading Company already.

  2. Hi Crispy, I want to asked you something that did you have Blue Violet and Orange Sorbet from Dharma.

  3. Have you ever using with orange sorbet that you bought it from dharma. I want offering to Make Purple or black Tie Dye T-Shirt for my couple of uncles.

  4. I never Remember Bob Ross Before since he was a classic Artist like while back ago. 🐁

  5. I like the Whole Black Hole it is made up with Rainbow Disco and stuff.

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