Sewing Tutorial – How To Make Fabric Appliques –

A step by step tutorial showing how to sew fabric appliques or patches. This basic tutorial shows two ways to sew appliques. With these techniques, you can make appliques of any shape and size.

Fabric appliques are a great way to embellish and customize clothing, bags, and more. An appliqued stocking would make a great Christmas gift or decoration!

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14 Replies to “Sewing Tutorial – How To Make Fabric Appliques –”

  1. Thank you for this video. I know nothing about quilting but want to learn. Applique quilting is where I want to start. Is that putting the cart before the horse?

  2. brilliant! Thank you so much! Easy, explanatory, and I love how you talk us through!

  3. I frickin' love how dry you are on the voice over. Also love the finished projects. 🙂

  4. Love the way you move quickly through the tutorial and how you point out a common mistake you can make with an applique. This saved me money because I did not have to purchase a tutorial.

  5. Thanks for such a clear, concise, and humorous tutorial. 🙂  I'm hoping to make my 10-year-old a custom Junior Girl Scout tshirt since the majority of custom or branded shirts are $20+.   Seems a little silly to pay $20 for a kid who is about to grow a zillion inches.    

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