She got a trim but it was messed up BAD! | We had to cut her hair

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27 Replies to “She got a trim but it was messed up BAD! | We had to cut her hair”

  1. Her hair is pretty Crystal????????????????????????????????I believe that for relaxed hair, trims are done when you get retouch relaxer, which is 6 to 8 weeks.

  2. Oh Girl this is a 90 degree in 10 minutes ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????

  3. OMG! Poor thing, she needs to go back to the first stylist and get her money back! After you made about 5 passes it already looked better! Great job! ????

  4. I am a hairdresser myself of almost 39 years and while I have only done small aspects of black hair I was not impressed with this cut because there was still a lot of unevenness and she took thick sections to cut the hair instead of smaller clean sections and the flat ironing was no better and the part on the clients hair was not even a clean part. This hairdresser did not take the time to was, blowout and press the hair before the cut and it looks ghastly to me, even tough I am still learning how to do black hair I would've made this client look and feel like she was the amazing person she is and I take my clients hair and their needs a lot more seriously than most hairdressers do. @EdgeyCathy I hope she didn't charge you much for that cut and style because it didn't make a whole lot of difference from the first bad haircut you had and your hairdresser shouldn't have taken the cape off of you and then tried to style it. It actually looked like she was done with you when she did that and then it looked like she decided to press and style your hair, I always talk to my clients to get more information from them to see how I can help them achieve the cut and style they are looking for and I know that this is not the whole video or she just recorded what she wanted to show but you did deserve better from her.

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