She Had To Fly To England To Save This Family Heirloom…

A friend of Marshall inherits a unique and amazing watch from the 1920s that belonged to a distant family member. It isn’t in working condition, but its design and history make it well worth restoring! Join Marshall for the journey as he tackles another cool project!

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29 Replies to “She Had To Fly To England To Save This Family Heirloom…”

  1. On these very old movements, how do you know what grease/oil goes where? Is it learned information based on experience or are you able to find some kind of guide or manual for this movement in some way?

  2. Great to watch you work on a watch made in my home city of Liverpool, Marshall. 😁

  3. You should leave your mark, you're part of the watches history now.

  4. I love refurbishing knives for friends and family as I make my own and have the tools and skill. One of the hardest things is convincing people not to want me to shine and polish them. People think restored should be returned to like new condition. But any knife can be made polished and spotless. What can't be replicated is the patina and wear of the knives. Wear is beautiful and it tells a story! Why would I want to get rid of something irreplaceable in favor of something that looks brand new? I love your approach to keeping wear and showing a watches age. It takes 10 minutes to get rid of wear, but 40 years to put it back!

  5. I don't have any watches but I have watched many of your vids. I do have a taste for watches I can't afford now though. Thanks! =]

  6. Marshall, do you ever de-magnetize the watches you work on? I've seen other watchmakers do it but I don't recall ever seeing you do it. And thanks for your videos.

  7. Beautiful restoration Marshall, great video editing and camera work too, I appreciate your attention to giving us such a great view.

  8. Marshall, in this video, you were teling us a bit about the case marks, and about the old jewelers marks. Will you be adding your own mark to this watch since you serviced it?

  9. Love your passion with the watches and the story of the watches. Great work!

  10. Stumbled across your channel by accident and am glad I did , watching them is so informative and relaxing , I’m now going through all your videos. Excellent work – keep it up 👍🏻

  11. No joke, I’ve watched 2 of your videos now and both times I fell asleep. Your voice is literally better than insomnia music 🤣

  12. I live in Liverpool. Once I am covid free (hopefully this weekend) I could go visit where the store was and see what’s there now. I’m very familiar with that street. Might get a few pictures.

  13. i really want the old seiko watch i have to be showcased on here, it comes out the front like this one did, i traded it for a working casio duro (bad idea) i loved the casio but i have others. can i send it to be done in a video?

  14. An English manufactured watch that belonged to a Belgian lady who lived in Antwerp according the notification about her death. And now it is repaired in the United States… What a trip !
    Greetings from Antwerp, Marshall !!

  15. Muito bom! Ficou excelente! Congrats From Brazil 🇧🇷 already subscribed to your Channel.

  16. Any estimate on the weight? Maybe 1 oz as is, for a gold value of about $500? (I'm ignoring historical value here)

  17. Hi Marshall, great job!. What's the name of that tool you used to fix the pinion?, was it crimping tool?, so cool. Thanks again. Adrian

  18. I think you should leave your mark inside! You're a watchmaker and just another chapter in its life 😊 Maybe in another 90 years someone will re-restore it!

  19. I have an old Westclox Pocket Ben pocket watch that I have no need for anymore. I wanted to give it to you for you to restore and sell, (or keep), but you never responded to my DM on Instagram. Why?

  20. oh! i have a watch with identical numbers and hands! i have a Caravelle Hunter case style mini pocket watch. ya its also a small company and did source the dial and needles from the same supplier.

  21. I have a Cyma watch from the 1970s (copy of a Doxa sub), it looks by that point that they were just using ETA movements rather than making their own, cool they were still going in the 70s though, shame they didn’t survive the quartz crisis.

  22. I imagine they are hard to find now adays but it might be kind of fun to see a 'keyed' watch rebuild. We get to see you assemble the keyless works on a regular basis so I'm curious about a keyed works being simpler or more complex.

  23. I don't know how you see yourself as a simple hobbyist, from what I've seen online and in actual jeweler's shops, you're a pro in every sense and probably one of the top dogs in this field.

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