She Held a Goodbye Party For Her Boyfriend Before Killing Him | THE CASE OF JOE CINQUE

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23 Replies to “She Held a Goodbye Party For Her Boyfriend Before Killing Him | THE CASE OF JOE CINQUE”

  1. This is terrifying on so many levels. I know a guy I went to highschool with who served more time for driving on a suspended license (got sentenced to 3 years after the 3rd offense). Unreal

  2. Why not a 72 hour hold. It’s done in the states. Is it not possible in Australia

  3. with all that drug abuse is very indicative of a mental health disorder. There had to be an underlying disease that came into full being once the cocaine, lsd and ecstasy was introduced into her brain chemistry. Co-occurring disorder, unless she was honest about all problems they can’t fully diagnose her. She is definitely a case study for a doctorate in counseling/substance abuse disorder

  4. I love hur act cent !!
    I send my condolences to the family in this case, RIP lil man.

  5. What the hell is wrong with Australia’s legal system? In every Australian case I learn about the sentences are disgustingly short.

  6. Ye this happend to my dad he was injected by his girlfriend and he overdosed and died nothing happened to her she was aloud to walk about when my dad was in a box

  7. gurrrrl you might be doing a video on me soon cuz if I ever see that vile excuse for woman. … woooooooeeeeeee .
    I've been physically I'll since watching this
    absolutely insane and inexcusable behaviour be so many people including the courts

  8. Joke or not I make sure to tell on the weirdos I see on Fb talking about murder lol like I tell SOMEONE anyone

  9. This one made me nauseous. Shame on that judge. Absolutely shameful. I hope he is no longer a judge.

  10. I'm halfway through and I've said wtf about 10 times already…unbelievable

  11. I also think they should have helped her end her life!! Electric chair!! She will kill again …..

  12. I’ve never heard anything like this before. I hope they kicked out all of those folks out of law school and received prison time; plus, they also bear some responsibility because they went to two dinners to see the death of this young man😱

  13. SHE STUDIED CRIMINOLOGY?! Surely in criminology school they teach you not to kill people

  14. This is unbelievable all these people involved in the story that knew what she was going to do weather they believed her or not are horrible people I can't understand how not one person did anything to help or stop this from happening they all deserve to be in jail for murder

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