She puts a crate on her porch for this brilliant idea!

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21 Replies to “She puts a crate on her porch for this brilliant idea!”

  1. That idea of the old door made into a table is good ONLY IF that table did not have those high and low divots as the design of it makes it unstable for your plates etc. 🙄

  2. Well there went several minutes of my life I'll never get back lol

  3. All of these ideas are great. Especially the door. Anytime you can reuse any item it makes for a great piece of furniture.

  4. Concerning the last idea, pallets are rough and I would be concerned about splinters in clothing and maybe the guests picking up one or more. I have often when moving pallets around.

  5. Maybe stack 2 or 3 crates together to make first table taller just a suggestion.

  6. I would never be able to sit at that back yard table , Let alone get back up .. LOL

  7. The small table, though cute, I would think has stability issues. Kids have a tendency to put their full weight on furniture & have balance challenges. I think it would constantly tip over!
    The 2nd idea was just tacky! Without paint, maybe a level plywood surface, it was just rough pallets thrown on the ground!! Good luck placing a glass or beer bottle in the wrong spot! And few adults like to sit on the ground in their own yard! This idea was definitely not elderly friendly!

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