13 Replies to “Shiny Review: LG Shine phone”

  1. I loved the scroll on this and also the fishing game. I'd love to get my hands on one again and flog my smart phone out the window.

  2. Sitting here in 2020 with a iPhone 11 and am in aw, 2 mega pixel camera 😦

  3. Anybody watched this epic video.. Its a 12 year ago video now 2020 year.

  4. I remember I begged my mom to get me this phone. I never got it lol. But wow, we’ve came a longgg way

  5. This video was posted 12 years ago.. Wow. I wonder how she's doing and what phone she's has now! 🤔😁

  6. it's a LG Shoine. It's got a vewwy weflective miwwor but it loi's to you about battewy loife.

  7. Got a lg shine 1 its nice and fancy and gives more fashion people be starring at me when I pull it out and be like dam what phone is that

  8. Lol I remember having this my first year of hs. Oh lg shine you were so good to me. especially when it came to checking my hair during class w/o getting caught. But alas I upgraded to the iphone 3gs.

  9. I've just ordered a Sony Ericsson W850 n.n And next month I'm going to order the LG Shine n.n These "old" phones are very nice (specially the Shine), they serve well as phones, music players, to check social network sites, etc.

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