Shot Styles in Hip Hop Music Videos! + a free gift

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A bunch of shot styles that you see in every hip hop music video!
It’s incredible how hip hop music video production has truly made its own stylistic lane in the film industry. It’s awesome!

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24 Replies to “Shot Styles in Hip Hop Music Videos! + a free gift”

  1. When are we gonna talk about the Black Women of Music Video? I started casting Music Video in 1990 in Brooklyn. Im subscribing. If you have already covered it then please disregard. LOVE THIS PAGE. JUST DISCOVERED IT. MY APOLOGIES

  2. i wanna know about the name of the shot style where it jumps forward and back on someone walking toward the camera… very hard for me to explain to people…

  3. Sir, Update needed…this is DOPE…Thanks OLUFEMII… sharing is caring

  4. BRO HOW ARE YOU SO SICK AT REVIEWING A EXPLAINING AND BREAKDOWNS! Honestly, so much info in one video. Love it man, you’re a GENIUS MATE!

  5. Very informative info bruah!!! Many thanks. I'm looking to shoot my own video.

  6. thank you for the video I can't wait to use these effects on one of my music videos

  7. Man , i call youtube the New School , i think i found the best teacher , Unlimited thanks

  8. What shutter angle are most Music Videos shot in? 180 or 45 degrees, and does this apply to mirrorless camera as well?

  9. How would you do a Tilley twirl so it's not super shaky and the pivot point stays centered?

  10. This is so useful bro. appreciate the effort to help up and comers. keep up the good work

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