signature hijab tutorial & GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)


previous vid on this style:

denim shirt: missguided
necklace: hybridnomads
on zee lips: max factor lipliner (brown n bold) & honey love by mac


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16 Replies to “signature hijab tutorial & GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)”

  1. What kind of pin or fastener do you use in the middle of the scarf before wrapping it around? By the way, I recently started watching you and I love your videos and the music in the background. You are a breath of fresh air!

  2. this kind of hijab is totally haram in islam

    hijab is only to cover our face not to show attraction for others

    may Allah forgive one and all

    hamare Nabi saw ne farmaya jo aurat bin sawar ke baher nikalte hai fariste us par laanat krte hain yaha tak ke oo ghar wapas na loot aaye

    jab aurat ghar se baher nikalti hai shaitan us par sawar hojata hai

    Allah hum sb ko nek amal ki taufiq de Ameen

  3. I don't like maxi scarfs because they need a lot of folding and it gets too hot and too much material draping. and I quite like a tight light scarf look

  4. i luv uuu … what i like about you is that you cover EVERYTHING EVERYTHING 😊 … SUBLIME

  5. Habiba, will you please show us the back-side of the hijab, when you making your hijab tutorial videos, love from Turkey <3

  6. Just asking but why is it that you guys also dont show your neck? I thought it was the hair only😳

  7. you really encouraging me to wear hijab and I'm preparing for it ❤ thank you 🌻🌹

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