Silent Killer

“Silent Killer” is Program One of Remaking American Medicine…Health Care for the 21st Century, a four-part television series fo PBS.

“Silent Killer” profiles individuals who are committed to fixing a health care system that is estimated to kill up to 98,000 people a year.

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  1. What a terrible thing to experience. I am so sorry for their family. A mother's instinct is usually always right.

  2. lm so hurt n sorry for the pain your family has had to feel i understand ur feelings about medical neglect because im a patient in the hospital with severe Heart disease i was born with.i was also diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina aka Coronary VasoSpasm but because the dr's had neglected and ignored my complaints and cries for help and care.I've suffered and still as i write this messeage to you
    Im a patient in the hospital now i was jus dicharged from the hospital on February 3,2017 bc the nurse practitioner felt i was stable to go home and on February 5th,2017 i was rushed bc to the hospital for my heart spasm's and bc im very cautious about meds im given bc of a heprin shot i was given which caused me to be put in a nursing home. and im very cautious about what im given dr's dont like it along with several other mistakes and neglects that was made on my life i need HELP PLEASE bc what i have can kill me if i dont have bypass sugery also to fix an artery in the back of my heart Ive called 311 also the Dept of health but bc they believe what the interns say or if dr feels i shouldn't hv this symptoms im being.ignored i can be reached at 1-347-499-0947
    My Deepest Sympathy to u and your family but no words can take the place of ur ANGEL (JOSIE )

  3. Thanx for uploading, Needed to watch this for a school paper. given I missed the day we watched it… TITS!

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