Singing Lessons – Episode .3. (How To Sing – With Power) with Rae Henry

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Power Singing (25min extended) video. Watch Now!

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21 Replies to “Singing Lessons – Episode .3. (How To Sing – With Power) with Rae Henry”

  1. omg the fly you are so cute! ha but very helpful! thank you so much! id love to learn more from you on like more soulful songs full songs

  2. This is something I've been struggling with since starting to sing again. Thanks so much for sharing your videos. They are so helpful!!! Cheers.

  3. every now and then it strikes me that it's all a big lie. Not anyone can learn to sing. I've been trying to learn for 3 years now, and all I've got is laryngitis and I'm still not able to sing well… my voice sounds constrained. 

  4. Thks for your vids. You have a beautiful voice. As a soprano, my break occurs going down the scale- just past middle C then I have this much deeper range -I get how some may reach up and break – but how do you not break going down? 

  5. You're amazing,  I love your accent , attitude and advice! you're just too cool

  6. You are amazing I wish you could teach me! Well you kinda are so THANK YOU!!

  7. Is it me? I sometimes hear 2 tones at the same time when she is singing one long note. The two tones differes an octave from each other. It can also be my laptop or her recording equipment; I am not quite sure.

  8. hey help im a bad singer i want to improve, check out my vid pls and tell me why i sing so bad

  9. thanks madam now i feel changes in my voice bt how can i make my voice to be smooth…enjoy your day.

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