SKATEBOARDER VS SCOOTER! The ultimate battle that today is headed in a different direction! @Nigel Jones can backflip a scooter but today, he’s testing himself to see if he can learn his very first flare! A huge thanks to @Woodward West for having us!

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  1. I acquired one of those dig dang scooters in Miami a few years ago. The quick release came undone that held the bars stable and I REALLY ate dookie. I vowed never touch one again.

  2. "Why do you make it look so easy!!?" Now Nigel knows how it feels when we see him shuv the 3 Block

  3. Makes me feel better cause I’m regular on a skateboard, I’m both on a skooter but I’m goofy on a surf board and snow board it’s so weird lol

  4. the scooter guys were hilarious lmao
    but really sick, you almost got it nigel! i really hope for part 2

  5. Nigel needed to squeeze down as a ball and lean forward but then when he pops his reaction time after the pop needs to be quicker

  6. conflicted.. hate scooter content, love the "nigels adventure tricks at woodward" series.

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