Skincare Routine For Clear Skin

Add a Spin brush to your skincare routine for 70% off, go to

Salima Skincare discount: ‘Habiba’ for 20% off all full sized items

Products mentioned:
– spin brush
– SSC Purifying Cleanser
– SSC Derma Perfect Moisture Cream
– 100% Raw Coconut Oil
– SSC Derma Glow Toner
– SSC Vitamin C


On my lips: ‘shroom’ by limecrime
On my nails: Rimmel nail polish (colour name is off but it’s the baby pink shade from the 60 second dry range)

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23 Replies to “Skincare Routine For Clear Skin”

  1. Assalamu alaikum to all my beautiful sisters, we are looking for a brand ambassador for our cosmetic like. Please check out MastoorA Beauty and send us an email if interested

  2. PLEASE please please please please tell me how u personally remove ur facial hair..?
    Please tell me the way u personally use please

  3. Most women wouldn't dare show their faces without make-up. I commend you for your boldness.

  4. Salam alikoum oukhti your skin macha Allah is beautiful and lightly

  5. when i woke up late i rather wash my face and go bare face for a day than wearing makeup immedeately

  6. hi dear , can you tell me that from where i should get these products ….?

  7. Love muslin. I get a yard unbleached for 1.25usd. Amazing. Use it for everything. Great exfoliator yet gentle on other area
    . depends on pressure as well. And they r biodegradable. Amazing!

  8. You dont need any makeup to look beautiful …u look gorgeous widout makeup too😊

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