Sleepy Time Body Butter – DIY

Today I made Sleepy time Magnesium Body Butter!
For more info on magnesium I recommend this book –

Sleepy Time Body Butter – DIY

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17 Replies to “Sleepy Time Body Butter – DIY”

  1. Great Vid!! Easy instructions!! Gonna make it this weekend! Im going to make some with Lavender oil and another with patchouli oil.. Can't wait!! You're awesome! Thanks 😀

  2. Can I use peppermint or would that wake me up more, cause I already have a problem with this.

  3. Unless the boiling was only to break down the magnesium not for the purification of the water from fluoride which I would hope was the case

  4. boiling your water won’t help, as the fluoride does not evaporate easily like chlorine; as the volume of water decreases through boiling, the fluoride concentration actually goes up. So I'm hoping that you were talking about drinking water that was already filtered through a expensive filtration system that you would most possibly have to own because I've never heard of completely fluoride-free water that you can buy off the shelf just to make it DIY……

  5. I have the same oil, whenever you said lavender I was like "wait, I have lavender!" When I mean the same, like THE SAME PRODUCT!

  6. Okay, no. Lavender is not good for your skin. It's actually an irritant. It can cause cell death and has damaging effect on fibroblasts which produce collagen. When it oxidizes it's also more likely to cause allergic reactions.

    The rule of thumb is, "If it's used as a perfume, it's probably bad for your skin".

    Magnesium IS good for your skin, though. So just leave out the lavender.

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