This is it. Our You Make It We Skate It Series has provided us with the smallest wheels on the entire planet! Will they actually work is the real question!

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  1. i was an street skater and got 2001 so wheels too, but no i was too slow and touch the ground sometimes ^^

  2. We used to skate our wheels down to that size because we didn’t have any money to buy new ones.. it even became a thing back in the nineties to skate em really small. 😅

  3. I wonder given those small wheels not lockin in, what about if you put a bit of a spot to lock in on the trucks somewhere? like if the wheels are smaller, the trucks at the end could "jog" down the extra distance, giving them a lip to lock in on.

  4. i just lost my skateboard and by lost i mean it was stolen so now i just watch people skate

  5. Glo actually looks like he’s skating better with these ! ( with some of the tricks)

  6. Back in the early 90s we had wheels like this. Maybe a little bigger but not much.

  7. Glo seems really hesitant to talk about time travel. Is it possible Glo is secretly a time traveler and doesn’t want to reveal his secret??? 🤨

  8. Gabe man when are you gonna get those kickflips down better bro? I've told you this, you need to be on your toes on both feet.

  9. I had a set of blue bearing covers in 1989 in the UK they were sort of common for a little while
    Always graphics out.

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