Smashing the Rubber Guard?

This is my opinion on a video that some of us saw on the net recently. I should note, before you get your panties in an uproar, that this isn’t an attack on the instructor or his overall skill. It was just some points which we saw that were incorrect in the application of the rubber guard.

I am sure with some tweaks, the application could get better.

18 Replies to “Smashing the Rubber Guard?”

  1. Royler Gracie couldn't "smash it" when Eddie hadn't even perfected the technique, what chance does the average guy has to counter a well performed rubber guard?

  2. i saw some weird video where they called new york london and im like wtf? totally not happening

  3. exactly, some people just don't want to give eddie credit & they say it dumb or it won't work or they don't like that fancy move, I love the rubber guard & how eddie bravo has revolutionize it, it is effective & it works once you have him, thank you eddie for the guard you created.

  4. I may be missing something simple. I can only go off the 10th planet stuff online. Like the submission101 videos have gotten me far. One problem with one guy I roll with is when I go for mission control. Right wrist to left ankle/leg. And before I can try and get his right arm to the mat, he pretty much pummels in with his left arm and sometimes goes to the can opener from there. And him doing that just breaks by right arm free from my ankle/leg breaking my mission control. Counter to this?

  5. the awesome thing about jiu jitsu is the science to it, i didn't even realize tht it's about making ur opponent tap cuz u gotta understand the science and techinique to transition to tht move

  6. I was already a fan of the rubber guard system, but this video is so simple and so obvious it blew me away! I can't believe anyone would doubt this system.

  7. elbows 2 thighs will work if opponent has the pain threshold of the biggest pus$y in the world. R.guard is very good in Sport jj, not so good in mma, TERRIBLE IN s.DEFENSE . In mma & s.defense u can pic up a pinned opponent & slam them in the ground(old tech. that was used in judo). Also leaves ur face xposed 2 punches, elbows, & knees. The future of grappling in mma is going 2 be in transition from the standing clinch 2 ground 2 submission like in judo or wrestling. Being in guard is danger in

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