Smoked Leg of Lamb & a Gyro with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

This is one of our more basic recipes, yet super delicious! recipe:
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27 Replies to “Smoked Leg of Lamb & a Gyro with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce”

  1. I think holy cow has a lot of basically lowerarys in it. New Texas s&p. I love it. Nice flavor on just about everything

  2. I literally use holy cow every single night. I put it on steaks, hamburgers, even scrambled eggs in the morning.

  3. Excellent recipe. One thing I like to do with my tzatziki is after chopping up the cucumber, I put it in a towel and squeeze out the water. I also add a little cream or olive oil to make it a little oozier.

  4. I do leg of lamb every Easter, last two years I used your Garlic and Herb.

    Garlic and Herb is also a great compliment when roasting prime rib on rotisserie

  5. Can't wait to try them! I made 2 spatched chickens and 8 of your Texas Twinkies on my Grand Champ XD this past saturday. My wife and son were actually pissed I only made 8! Guess what's this Saturday? Thanks bud!

  6. You should try/educate your audience on smoked mutton in the style of the Western Kentucky BBQ folks. It's fantastic. Make some burgoo while you're at it. BBQ stews/soups are great.

  7. Why not Voodoo for the lamb?
    Yes, that color looked magnificent.

  8. this dude shoves brands down peoples throat. we get it you make money off everything in your kitchen.

  9. Gonna try this soon! Going to Costco flash my Meat Church membership card to get the deal Then I’m gonna go sprinkle some Holy Voodoo on the Kraken. Go Stars!

  10. Thanks Matt always wanted to try smoking a leg of lamb, but didn't want to mess it up due to the price tag on those. You really threw me off at the end when you said you were kinda mad at it, I was like how. Dam that looked awesome, definitely gonna give it a go

  11. Where are the French fries? When I was overseas, gyros were on the menu and several places served them with fries inside. Totally awesome.

  12. Curious how's the flavor of this compared to the traditional way on the spit – i love those crispy bits

  13. That looks amazing! I love lamb and wish it was more common in the US. One of my favorite things I ever bbq-ed was a butterflied leg of lamb with adobo sauce to take it in a Mexican direction. Maybe you could try that out in a future video. I made the adobo from scratch with dried chiles.

  14. Awesome video! I love lamb gyros. Can’t wait to make this! Try adding the Greek Kalamata olives next time. Those olives will compliment your homemade tzatziki sauce and that feta cheese really well. ????

  15. Just a little advice, take a hot skillet with some olive oil throw your pita in the thing for about a minute per side you’re gonna get this nice brown crispy texture on the outside. Seriously it will take it to the next level.

  16. Always an excellent presentation….I look for your presentations every Wednesday

  17. I hate being on a diet and the watching you video. I just gained 20 lbs in hunger. ????❤

  18. Ok sorry but what the difference between black and blue labeled holy cow. Please and thank you.

  19. Sheesh Matt this video had me drooling from start to finish!! ????def gonna make this!

  20. all other cuisine: seasoning for making it taste bit different. You add only bit of it to not to spoil whole taste.. Greek cuisine: seasoning IS the food!

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