Smoked Turkey on Pit Boss Pellet Grill (The Backyard Griller)

Hey guys! Here I decided to smoke a 7.5 lb turkey breast upon some of my viewers request. This is my way of making a thanksgiving turkey. It’s simple and delicious, which is The Backyard Griller way! Anyway be sure to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Thanks!

18 Replies to “Smoked Turkey on Pit Boss Pellet Grill (The Backyard Griller)”

  1. Great job. I reserve my pit barrel for smoking my whole turkeys. It nails the smoke perfect on those big sexy birds.

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  3. Used this recipe for Easter and it was awesome thanks for sharing 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Hey, I'm not trying to bust your bubble here, but I tried to listen to your presentation on smoking a turkey on the Pit Boss grill and I after listening for 5 minutes I was getting annoyed because I could not decipher what you were talking about during the time the lid of the smoker was opened because the roar of the smoker would drown out your narration. Suggestion: if you or anyone else out there who is listening, please pay attention to how the camera is placed and where your voice is with respect to the camera mic. Otherwise don't bother.

  5. The turkey breast turned out looking great. I haven't done a whole breats, just the boneless breast. My try the whole one this year. Keep Smoking

  6. Gonna try this on a turkey breast today. A practice round for the real deal at Thanksgiving. Glad my wife likes Turkey!

  7. Awesome video man going to try this. The water pan I do this every time I smoke.

  8. Gonna try this out. All I could find was a 4 lb turkey but I am sure it's basically the same. Since it is smaller than the one you did I'll just keep an eye on internal temp.

  9. I think I missed # of total hours you smoked the turkey. Can you please re-state.

  10. Hey what knife is that…? Been watching a few of your videos, good stuff. I'm also looking at a pellet smoker, I use a WSM for the last 6 years. Love it just want to expand my styles.

  11. I like it! Hell, I LOVE it. >>>    I don't know why I put up with my old grill for as long as I did. Should have bought these years ago. Buy the grill  thermometer and you'll be cooking perfect steaks every time!

  12. Love your work…here is tip to get your skin crispy…take the water pan completely out of the smoker when you begin the crispy process

  13. awesome turkey I want to do this also . !…..Hi this is Daniel I'm having a hick of a time editing my videos and trying to put it all together on my you tube channel , grrrrrrr,
    what software are you using can you give me some tips or head me in the right direction thanks.

  14. Nice job! Gonna try that this weekend. Louisiana guy myself, so the Tony's was a nice touch.

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