So we’re all obsessed with dolls right now

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written by Mina Le & Ella Gray
Edited by Charlee Reiff

Cultural Exchange in Seventeenth-Century France and England by Gesa Stedman
Billboard Magazine (Aug 16, 1997) Vol. 109, No. 33,33009,1158949,00.html

0:00 – intro
4:34 – the modern doll
15:59 – dolls and fashion
23:41 – modern doll mania
31:18 – conclusion

11 Replies to “So we’re all obsessed with dolls right now”

  1. I've watched a few of your videos before, and as a doll collector and youtuber, this video in particular caught my eye. I will say you researched everything very well, especially the American Girl stuff since that is my area of expertise. In terms of a doll met gala, Project Runway actually had an american girl episode around 2014 for the beforever launch, so that may be as close as we're going to get. I got into sewing because I wanted to make "trendier" items for my dolls, and so many etsy shops exist which provide those items to collectors. It's so weird seeing something I got bullied for when I was younger (collecting dolls) become more mainstream, even my college made American Girl memes. I've made a video discussing the trend and interviewing some of the meme accounts you showcased if you wanted to learn more, but I really hope that with the dolls becoming mainstream, us doll content creators also see a rise in our community's popularity.

  2. For the movie recommendation: Imitation Game (really interesting based on true story, but I cried at the end because of what happened to Turning)

  3. Movie suggestions: Melancholia (2011), Tideland (2005), Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

  4. Remember when Arthur had an episode about books and it criticized muffy for liking the books based on a doll line (which were inspired by the American Girl dolls)? Wonder how that episode would play out now with more adult doll collectors coming out and openky admiting their love of dolls.

    Bratz definitely received a lot of criticism back when it was launched because of their clothes and makeup. [I know some people mentioned their lips but i have only seen white ladies complained about that. SNL – as problematic as they are – made a skit that parodied the criticism by having the adults worried about their heads being larger than their bodies. The Bratz TV show definitely helped in reducing some of the hatred toward Bratz, even if it was made by 4Kids.]

    I think the only reason some people don't want ryan goaling to be ken is because he is significantly older than margot robbie. Probably hard to change roles or actors that quickly since margot only got the role after amy schumer rejected it and ryan gosling doesn't seem to be the type to take adavantage of his significantly younger female co-stars and staff, but it obvious that there is a huge age gap between margot and robbie when barbie and ken are supposed to be the same age. Ryan definitely makes a great ken, but some worry that they won't take ken's fashion far enough in the movie because of ryan's age.

  5. I'm still watching the intro, but I need to recommend you Oyasumi PunPun, or just ANY work of Inio Asano (mangaka). That man absolutely DESTROYS you. It's heartbreaking. I've tried to read one of his mangas on several ocasions and I just can't…. I always end up sobbing and utterly unable to do anything.

  6. A book that makes you cry and laugh and definitely will destroy you in a sense is The Bookthief by M. Zusak. Nothing better than a philosophical story about a little girl in WW2, right? It was also made into a great movie.

  7. Hey Mina! Thanks for yet another wonderful video! I grew up in the 90s in Russia, in Siberia, and toys were scarce, to say the least, after the fall of the Soviet Union. I remember my grandmother would buy separate parts of the dolls from Chinese traders: heads, hands, legs, all detached yet homogeneously white ???? So my grandma would assemble a doll, clean and make up its hair, and sew absolutely gorgeous dresses! Obviously back then I didn’t know who Oscar de la Renta was and that he created the whole collection for Barbie, so when I saw them now in your video I though to myself that my grandma’s dresses were on par with the de la Renta’s gowns ???? especially that black and golden dress, same vibe! Thank you for reviving my memories ☺️
    You also made me think of the contemporary doll makers, like Popovy Sisters, for example and their androgynous, Alexander McQueen-like looks. I am sure they got inspiration from fashion from the first place but managed to expand it into their own universe with the unique approach to the representation of the bodies. Pure art!

    As for a recommendation of sad media. I bought tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 for my husband – he enjoys Marvel movies. We went together expecting fun comedy, but instead I was crying like a baby the whole time. Of course there are some elements of the comedy and action movie, but hear me out! I adore Atonement, I cried when I was reading A Little Life (as some of you already recommended it), I appreciate the Song of Achilles, these are all very good recommendations. But damn, those writers at Marvel just pushed all the possible trigger buttons, so I broke so many times while watching it. I am not even sure if it’s legal to manipulate the audience this way, but they’ve done what they’ve done. I imagine rewatching it next time I need a good cry. Also I would argue you don’t need to watch all the previous episodes in order to understand this one. ????

  8. Please, please watch "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok.

  9. Remembering the 90s Barbie Liberation Front which infiltrated Mattel and switched the voice-boxes of Barbie and G I Joe

  10. Book: they both die in the end by adam silvera. It takes your hope away and simultaneously makes you realize that you never had any, to begin with!..

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