Sofas, Seafood, & Birthdays






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  1. Boy i miss these days when WE COULD GET CUTE AND GO OUT AND HAVE FUN!!!!! Covid SUCKS!!

  2. Love the bun and the make up look for both of you all when y'all were on your way to the birthday party

  3. Prison break is amazing!!! I mad binged already. Yous got me hooked on Pretty Little Liars. I love that show.

  4. Prison Break is LIFE!! I don’t know how far y’all are now but I hope you are still enjoying it!!!! It keeps you guessing!

  5. I can't stand people to sit on my bed either I can't stand wrinkles lol… I know that sounds crazy 😂😂 😂 but wrinkles in my blankets make me crazy 😂

  6. I love watching yall shop for home décor I get so many ideas! But on a side note my co workers whole family died of carbon monoxide poisoning from just a few minutes of the dad sitting in the garage with the car running and the fumes went all the way to the top floor in the house and killed everybody including the dog so please be careful<3

  7. i forgot how theres so many agencies already working with someone and many models represent them so I get why the glamtwinz are careful who they hang around and be careful what choices they make because they are still young so there's more opportunities im sure they want to be apart so the best thing to do is wait until another door opens. I do not want to jump to conclusions but i wonder if the glam twinz want to meet anyone in hollywood or go even further than the book or just in life general off screen. like what else do they want to accokmplish?

  8. I say the same thing don’t sit on my bed in your outside close or have been outside all day then come home and get straight in the bed without bathing gross

  9. I love watching y'all be authentic 😍😛😘. Your lifestyle…your fashion….your style..everything
    Y'all are so inspiring and beautiful. Tfs

  10. Yes prison break is bomb! And I agree about the birthday gifts. Wish most ppl think like us!
    I never get gifts sigh lol

  11. Not sure if the car was on in the garage but if so please be careful. That carbon monoxide is deadly. But I’m the same way I don’t like ppl even myself sitting on my bad period

  12. Please be careful with the dip powders…it’s more sanitary for them to pour the powder over your nails. It’s not sanitary for various people to be dipping their nails in the powder. People will say that they disinfect their hands prior to dipping but people have cuts and hang nails around the cuticle area and who knows what under their nails…just my little suggestion.

  13. I didn’t know you guys have family in Chicago! That’s where I’m from! If you can, Please do more meet and greets here! Love you ladies!! ❤️

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