Solar Wax Melters for beekeepers

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The Solar wax melter is really the best way to deal with wax for any beekeeper who doesn’t live in the Arctic. In this video, I show a simple solar wax melter thats good if you have 1 or 2 hives. Then I show a larger one that is for beekeepers with many hives.

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19 Replies to “Solar Wax Melters for beekeepers”

  1. Re: the first box….. Place one layer of paper towel between wax and door fly screen….paper towel is a fine pre-filter….. helps to prevent less fly screen clogging and paper can be used later as a fire Starter.

  2. I'm having a problem with too much condensation collecting on the underside of the glass. Is this a normal problem and how do I remedy this?

  3. No. The melter is getting too hot. I need to paint the inside white and cover it with shade after 11am.

  4. @1stbumblebeemaster how oblivious some people are on youtube astounds me. Not once did he use the word honey. This does not deal with honey. It is for melting wax. That is all n

  5. Ok cool maybe those in colder parts like Dakota,Canada etc can. I like the way you say your not a wood worker but your Solar Wax Melters are just as good as ones you can buy and pay a lot of money for. I defo agree about the Plexi Glass. Normal Glass tends to crack to easily and I am sure it becomes brittle after just a few seasons. I prefer Plexi Glass nowadays.

  6. For Texas, getting it hot isn't a problem. The problem is getting it too hot! For those south of Kansas, you really don't need to paint it black.

  7. Please do not use door cloth if you eat the honey as it contains lead! ask the manufacturer if you dont believe me. use food grade cloth. Paint the inside of your box black with a none toxic fish pond sealer paint. rinse out until there is no smell after it has cured for about a week in the open. Good video though!

  8. Very Nice Video. For someone who claims they are not much of a wood worker I think you did very well!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Why don't you paint the interior of your melter flat black? Thank you for sharing… nice tip about the plastic containers being good so you can twist to release the was when all is done. Can you place an entire frame inside and allow the wax to drip away from it so you can start new?

  10. I notice in your second SWM that you don't seem to use a screen to siphon out the dirt or other non-wax material from the comb. Can you explain why? Thanks for a good video!

  11. haha I was going to wait to the end to speculate whether black paint would be a good idea. -saw the note.

  12. Nicely done. If you do transition to a metal sheet, don't use galvanized steel because any remaining honey will cause it to acidify and turn black and this will discolor your wax.

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