Solo Woman's Tiny House journey led by her Faith & Financial wisdom

Meet Denetra, a Christian-based therapist living & working from a 26-ft tiny house. Before going tiny, she had much fear about the many unknowns in the process. But she overcame it through the power of her faith, smart financial planning & gumption. Denetra now lives at the Acony Bell Tiny Home Village with her dog, Molly-Sue. They both love it & have no regrets!

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❇️ directed & edited by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Christian
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra photos from owner,

Video Chapters:
0:00 – her tiny home journey
2:11 – Cypress Equator by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
2:22 – tiny house parking spot
2:58 – interior tour
12:52 – tiny house cost & financial planning
15:11 – bathroom
16:23 – home office
17:14 – experience moving & parking
18:10 – tiny home community cost
19:12 – tour cont’d
20:49 – Black tiny home owner perspective
21:27 – advice for others
22:43 – hello from Alexis & Christian

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11 Replies to “Solo Woman's Tiny House journey led by her Faith & Financial wisdom”

  1. Denetra overcame her fear of the unknown through her faith, smart financial planning & gumption. She's been living tiny for 2 years with her dog, Molly-Sue in 3 different parking spots. They both love it & have no regrets! She has a 26-ft Cypress Equator by Tumbleweed Tiny House. ✨ Watch a tour the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community where Denetra lives:

  2. Thank you, love your energy and mindset, and enjoyed the tour of such a perfectly lovely home — including pup pup, an adorable compliment to the space ????. Using every square inch captures it's purpose and function. I totally agree that being grounded in faith empowers you to honor what's important to you — an energy that fills the soul with peace and gratitude. I too am embarking on the tiny home lifestyle and look forward to embracing my happiness.
    Be well and blessed and continue to live unapologetically ????.

  3. What a wonderful video. This woman is so nice and I truly enjoyed hearing her journey into her tiny home.

  4. I love that praise dance when your home arrived ❤???? and your home really shows luxury meeting tiny home imo. Thanks to this channel for sharing your story.

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