Spend Less Time Preparing Food in the Morning with this Meal Prep Breakfast

Grab and go breakfast options are some of my favorite kinds. These Sausage Breakfast Biscuits are great to keep in Snack City in your freezer. Here is a link to the recipe: https://mealprepmanual.com/sausage-breakfast-biscuits/

Here is a link to the ZWILLING Fresh & Save 7pc Starter Set. Use the code “MEALPREP” at checkout for an extra 10 bags for free when purchasing a starter set if you’re in the US: https://www.kqzyfj.com/click-100588303-13767625?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zwilling.com%2Fus%2F36809-007-0.html&cjsku=36809-007

This video was sponsored by ZWILLING and their Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System. I have been using ZWILLING knives for years and their Fresh & Save Vacuum bags for Snack City for almost a year now so when they reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate, it was an easy yes. The Fresh & Save Bags and containers are perfect for this Stir Fry application.
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Link to more of the products I use:

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  1. Sup guys. Sorry for breaking the schedule the last few weeks with the lack of new videos. I’ve had some real life stuff come up recently that has required my attention. I’m all good and I appreciate everyone who reached out after noticing things were a bit quiet. I feel very lucky to have a community that cares as much as you guys do ???? That being said, uploads may be a bit sporadic the next month or so but lots of cool stuff is in the works ????


  2. Your recipes have changed my life. Saving money and losing weight week-to-week thanks to you. Down from 170 to 162 and getting close to ready for summer.

  3. Looking forward to making these in the future! Also the joke about moving it to a smaller pan for the algorithm caught me off guard lmao ????

  4. Am gonna make this one sometime.. but gonna just smush it into the sheet pan as one big bllock.. then just slice into squares when it finishes

  5. Would adding just water instead of Greek yogurt work in this kind of recipe, or would it make the dough too loose?

  6. Hey, Josh, maybe I just missed it in other videos, but is that a new air fryer, and would you recommend it? I have been thinking about getting a new one that's more like that one, with wider flat trays rather than a basket style one. Been loving your snack recipes, but it's always annoying only being able to heat up 4-6 pieces of something in my fryer.

  7. One of the many things I love about Josh’s videos… his pans looked used like mine. I’m not guilted about sucking at cooking because my pans are not pristine

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