Spray Painting This Entire Skatepark with Giant Artwork!

I travel to Enid, Oklahoma for one of my most ambitious mural jobs yet!
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16 Replies to “Spray Painting This Entire Skatepark with Giant Artwork!”

  1. hey kiptoe quick question: have you ever painted anything at fort weatherhill in jamestown ri? big fan here from woonsocket.

  2. I live in oklahoma and our sunsets really are pretty awesome especially when the pinks and purples show up it's really beautiful.

  3. Bro πŸ˜‚ I applied for a RFQ in Fort Collins, CO and was just as confident until I saw the 5th presentation as well. I ended up getting the job too, but its crazy that we had the exact same experience. Now in my video ill just tell everyone to come here and you'll explain everything leading up to the wall lol

  4. Love the colour composition/palet on it, golden hour lighting type feel. Good stuff!

  5. Hermoso mural hermano felicidades, un saludo desde hidalgo México ✌️

  6. New to the channel. How come you don't wear gloves when painting, I would think you wouldn't want to have that on your skin for hours. I am new and curious πŸ€”

  7. Not only is the mural amazing and so perfect for the wall. The videography, editing, and storytelling in the video is exceptional.

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